XXI International Workshop on Bunt and Smut Diseases

Workshop program and time* table

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Wednesday, May 5, 13:00-15:00*
Satellite Workshop 🛰️: Common bunt requirements and norms for cereal seed production and their implications for bunt management in organic farming
Chair: Stephanie Klaedtke
Wednesday May 5, 16:00-17:50*
Session 1: Epidemiology and Pathology
Chair: Fabio Mascher
Vesna Župunski Status of Tilletia spp. in Serbia – past, present, future
Geoffrey Orgeur Common bunt: study of prevalent virulences in France and development of a resistance test for registration in the French Catalogue of common wheat varieties
Monika K. Forster Development of a qualitative and quantitative qPCR assay to detect teliospores of Tilletia controversa in wheat seed samples
Somayyeh Sedaghatjoo Inter- and intraspecies genomic comparison of Tilletia caries, T. controversa, and T. laevis
Wednesday, May 5, 18:00-20:00*
Session 2: Genetics and Genomics of Resistance/Pathogenicity
Chair: Hermann Buerstmayr
Li Gao Transcriptome analysis of wheat spikes infected by Tilletia controversa Kühn and characterization of histological changes in resistant and susceptible varieties
Jianli Chen Assessment of two quantitative trait loci for dwarf bunt resistance in winter wheat grown in Pacific Northwest of the USA
Raman Dhariwal Mapping common bunt resistance loci in Canadian wheat cultivar AAC Tenacious
Søren K. Rasmussen Association mapping for common bunt resistance in wheat
Jelena Baćanović-Šišić Network-based GWAS of race-specific resistances to common bunt (Tilletia caries) in wheat
Dennis Kjær Christensen Is Bt8 located at Chromosome 6D and closely linked to Bt10?
Thursday May 6, 16:00-17:50*
Session 3: Resistance Breeding and Cultivar Development
Chair: Jianli Chen
Veronika Dumalasová Reaction of Czech registered varieties and sources of resistance to common bunt and dwarf bunt
Margaret Krause Evaluation of Genomic Selection methods for dwarf bunt resistance in wheat
Magdalena Ehn Summary on current research activities on resistance to bunt in winter wheat at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna
Anders Borgen Starke-II NIL based common bunt resistance gene mapping
Christian Gladysz Bunt resistant varieties, breeding and variety development at Saatzucht-Donau, Austria
Thursday, May 6, 18:00-20:00*
Session 4: Integrated Control
Chair: Anders Borgen
M. S. Saharan Studies on variability and host resistance for Karnal bunt of wheat in India
David Bloech Bunt and smut diseases in cereal seed production
Matteo Petitti, Bettina Bussi Bunt management in cereal seed networks: the case of Rete Semi Rurali’s Community Seed Bank in Italy
Lars Wiik Control of common bunt in organic wheat cultivation
Stephanie Klaedtke Common bunt managent on organic wheat: multi-factorial, knowledge-based

* Vienna time